Status update: Accessorize your reading

I brought home a nice pile of excellent reading accessories today:

  • A beautiful, sturdy ice cream scoop
  • A set of soft, luxurious bed linens (even a robot neck can appreciate a high thread count)
  • A new tea strainer

Because ice cream, tea and 3am-but-must-finish-the-chapter are all vital parts of the process.  I didn’t get any cookies.  There is an empty space in my life where the cookies ought to have been.

And this is a status update – so I’ll tell you what I’m currently reading:

  • Yesterday’s kin by Nancy Kress (e-book)
  • Perv: The sexual deviant in all of us by Jesse Bering (audiobook)
  • Predictably irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions by Dan Ariely (paperback)

Also there’s a cook book about fermenting vegetables, which is crazy science and therefore interesting (and tasty).

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