Status update: Uplift and Engineering

The current reading material is David Brin’s The uplift war, the Hugo award winning third part of the first Uplift trilogy.   I’m not hugely enthusiastic yet, although the Tymbrimi aliens have a lot more charm to them than anything encountered in Sundiver, the first book.   Inbetween them came Startide Rising, which has dolphins in space, and had me looking up killer whales on wikipedia, which is a plus in a book. Not the killer whales, but making me want to learn more things about things.

Anyway, I’m not quite halfway through The uplift war. If it matches the others, I won’t really see it picking up speed until I’m about 60% in.   Slow reading pace indicates I’m not going to rate it very high, but something cool might still happen.  Fat robot fingers crossed.

I don’t have an audiobook going on at the moment, though I usually do, while engaging in listening-optimized activity,  such as playing Civilization V.   I have a paperback for reading when it’s convenient, which is almost never, because who wants to bring to bed a thing that isn’t self-lit or practically sized?  It’s Story Engineering, anyway, by Larry Brooks. I read about making the kind of thing other people would perhaps be inlined to read, sometimes, because flipping a pancake without breaking it doesn’t always provide a sufficient sense of achievement.

The reason I still cope with some paper books is that sometimes there are sales and not everything is available digitally and I’m weak. Terribly, terribly weak.

That’s it.  That’s my status update.  Um, have a good evening. I’ll be going now.

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