Hoarding: Verso sale & Humble Book Bundle

Verso books has a half price sale on e-books and paperbacks. I’ve grabbed Genes, cells and brains, which I probably had wishlisted even before I noticed the Margaret Atwood recommendation.  Verso has an interesting non-fiction catalogue, worth looking at if you’re thus inclined.

Also, there’s a lovely Humble Bookperk Bundle available right now.  It includes a whole bunch of HarperCollins titles, including authors like Neil Gaiman and Lois McMaster Bujold.  I haven’t bought it yet, because I happen to already own the most interesting handful of them, but I hope they’ll add an extra to win me over, because I really like buying humble bundles. (Charity and stuff. And buying bundles means making sure there’ll be future bundles, and I really like bundles.  So much, I’m going to type the word bundles one more time.)

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