Hugo awards!

I was pleased to see Ann Leckie running off with the Hugo award for best novel – while I enjoyed a couple of the other nominated books, Ancillary Justice was simply the only real contender, as I saw it.   Best novella went to Equoid by Charles Stross, a story about unicorns set in the Laundry universe which means of course I like it.

Best “related work” went to Kameron Hurley’s We have always fought: Challenging the women, cattle, and slaves narrative.  I hadn’t read this – but now I have, since the link was in my morning blog feed, and I’m linking it because I find it wonderfully worthwhile.  Go, read!

(Kameron Hurley is an unknown to me, except I remember her God’s war being a Hugo novel nominee a while back. I’m afraid I dismissed it because something-something, but my interest is now thoroughly stirred.)

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