Read-a-thon: 1st status update

I didn’t forget – this week is read-a-thon week.  In a typical turn of events, I managed to stumble on a book that turned out not to be quite the fast read I imagined it would be, so, uh, that’s sad.    Also I don’t know if I get to count graphic novels, but I’ll tell you I’ve read them, in any case.


  • Last half of The girl with all the gifts, approximately 200 pages
  • Started on The wordy shipmates and almost promptly fell asleep (oops!), approximately 40 pages
  • Graphic novel: Amulet vol. 2: The Stonekeeper’s Curse (224 pages, but in actual text, maybe something like 30?)

Total: 240 pages ( + however you count a graphic novel)




  • A little bit more of The wordy shipmates (approximately 60 pages)
  • First chunk of The word for world is forest (approximately 70 pages)
  • Tiny start on Sandman slim (approximately 30 pages)

Total: 160 pages

Week total: 400 pages

I always get myself stuck in a slowread for things like this, of course.  In this case, it’s not that Sarah Vowell’s book about the puritans (with scattered bits of American history from that time until current) is uninteresting – I like it a lot,  am kind of amused that a lot of the names are names I feel acquainted with from reading Neal Stephenson’s The Baroque cycle, and it’s going to be fun to finish it – but it turns out to be a less-than-perfect sleepy bedside read.  Thus, I started biting into Sandman slim, which immediately appears to be a mix of Harry Dresden and the 90s film The Crow.  

Today I plan to finish The word for world is forest, which is very short,  and, uh, I don’t know.  Might start on The empathy exams because of a buddy-read.  Might force more puritans into my day, unless I decide it can wait for next week.  Probably will read the third volume of the graphic novel Saga, because Saga is all good things, and I picked it up from the library yesterday.  (I live next to my city’s only library department I care about, which is strange and fortunate – it houses most of, possibly all of, the city library’s graphic novel collection.)

There’s also some study stuff I might have to attend to, but everyone knows that only increases the chance of becoming completely captivated by reading. That is the law.

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