Teaser: Amulet

When I was less than three years old I more or less taught myself ot read, because my parents didn’t want to read comics out loud to me (for which my current self does not blame them).  To some people, this explains a lot,  as it means my early brain-shaping and language training was aided by Lucky Luke, Asterix and Obelix, Elf Quest, and Donald Duck.   (I must add, all of these were translated into my language in a peculiar oldtimey vocabulary, thus, if I talk to people, I’m often told I “sound like uncle Scrooge”.)

Anyway, comics, graphic novels, I’ve always loved them.  Strange how I don’t read more of them. (I’m looking for recs to get into the Marvel universe, by the way. Iron Man?  Ultimate Avengers?)  One of my absolute favourites, though, is Jeff Smith’s Bone.

I love Bone so much, I’ve had to buy the omnibus edition three times, having strangely lost or moved away from previous copies.   Bone is categorized as “children’s fantasy”,  and that is, without a doubt, my favourite graphic novel genre.

So I was out of my mind with joy when I found Kazu Kabuishi’s Amulet.    My tuesday teaser is a crappy photo from this morning (it’s hard to hold a camera with one hand and try to wiggle shiny pages so they don’t reflect too much lamp light… while refusing to get out of the chair for the sake of a better picture.)


Unlike Bone (at the time I first read it, anyway) this has colours.  Beautiful, beautiful colours.   Not only is the artwork spectacular, but it depicts all of my favourite graphic novel things; animal characters, talking trees, a vast array of super cool robots, epic adventure, sinister forces, creepy mean guys, mystery quests, everything.

My problem now is – I got volumes 1 and 2 from the library, but volume 3 is mysteriously absent from the catalogue.  They have the rest of the books, but not the third one.  This is TERRIBLE.  I can’t just buy a third in a series without buying the whole thing.  Which I’d like to do, obviously, but I’m trying to show, uh, what’s it called, restraint? Responsible economical decision making?  Oh, screw that.

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