Waiting on: Ancillary sword

Everybody loved winner-of-all-the-awards Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. Except the ones who had a hype/experience adjustment error.  I often bristle and glare and do my best to hate hyped books, myself.  (Though I consider it a bad habit!)  This time though, I was into it. I had no idea at the time that I was reading the first book in a planned trilogy (though I should have guessed, because when is the last time anyone wrote anything that wasn’t a trilogy?)  – but now I know, and I get to read the sequel, Ancillary Sword, in early October,  which is yet another reason to fast-forward time and get to pumpkin season already.

You know the gender thing? Everyone who’s heard anything about Ancillary Justice has heard about the gender thing. I was totally fine with it.  It didn’t matter to anything that happened, but it did something, which was to constantly remind you how much it didn’t matter, and that you were infact reading about an alien society.

The Lord of the Radch has given Breq command of the ship Mercy of Kalr and sent her to the only place she would have agreed to go — to Athoek Station, where Lieutenant Awn’s sister works in Horticulture.

Athoek was annexed some six hundred years ago, and by now everyone is fully civilized — or should be. But everything is not as tranquil as it appears. Old divisions are still troublesome, Athoek Station’s AI is unhappy with the situation, and it looks like the alien Presger might have taken an interest in what’s going on. With no guarantees that interest is benevolent.

Sometimes all I want is operatic space opera in space. I expect Breq to deliver it, again.

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