Status update: Danish germs and imminent spookiness


I’m going to do a ramblypost in bullet list format. Because that’s how I roll.  Here’s some things:

  • It’s been a slow transition, but I’m still often struck by how weird it is not to carry a hefty weight of books when travelling. And be all “meh” about book stores. Because, well, there’s more books on my kindle than I can even list off the top of my head, and I can carry it in one single tiny pale hand without strain.  And those books will nearly always be cheaper than their paper counterparts.
  • Copenhagen is a nice place and offers things like cat cafés and huge aquariums and hazelnut milk lattes, but it also provides very persistant head colds. Good grief.  I even bought a knit hat there, isn’t that supposed to be some kind of ward against germy discomfort?
  • Started reading Liu Cixin’s The three-body problem on the flight home. I love it to bits and am glad I already threw money at Clarkesworld’s kickstarter to fund the translation of more Chinese SF.  Really, awesome reading.
  • I just discovered a title of a coming Neal Stephenson novel, but more information is nearly impossible to find – I did stumble across a reddit thread, also drenched in uncertainty and desperate need-to-know-moreness, so Seveneves remains a mystery.
  • A lot of people are planning spooky reads for October! I’ll be finishing a horror/dark fantasy anthology and possibly McCammon’s Swan song, but I don’t have any specific horror plans aside from that.  Well, except for attending a Welcome to Night Vale-show near the end of the month.
  • I’m having a lot of NaNoWriMo thoughts. Are you?
  • One of my audible credits this month was spent on Scott Westerfeld’s Afterworlds, even though I didn’t particularly care for my previous experience with the author, which was Uglies.  Will find out once I’m through Abercrombie’s Half a king, though.
  • It’s finally cold enough to enjoy bunny slippers and flannel PJs. And hot beverages all day.  Yay!

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