Tuesday Mucus

Ah, I neglected to make a Tuesday meme post. That’s because I’m still too busy being sabotaged by phlegm and other horrors in various unpleasant parts of my face and chest.  Being made out of organic matter is terrible.  I figured I could stop by to mention that, at least.  And that I just opened a book in the Bluefire app on my phone, which I never expected to do, because why would I want to read on a phone screen?  (The answer is not because light sensitivity and myopia are joyous and beautiful things!)

Oh, that’s why:  Because when you’re inexplicably given an .acsm file instead of any other reasonable ebook format, you would consider reading it scratched into congealed milk rather than attempt to do it in the Adobe Digital Editions reader on a tablet.

…That has been my experience, in any case.  Maybe someone should tell those local Nobel winning scientists about a new research project idea called “Rage is made out of mucus?”


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