Are you on Riffle books?  Do you look into and try out other book communities than ones you’re already using? I have a hard time imagining a better option than Goodreads, but Riffle looks really pretty, and I swoon at the simplicity of it.  I’ll toy with it for a bit, I think! Though I know from experience I don’t have the energy to update two active book logging things at the same time, so that’s prooooobably not going to happen.

I’ve typed 20 000 words for NaNoWriMo and am not actually behind schedule, it just feels like I am, because I keep accidentally exposing myself to crazies who do 10k-in-a-day things. I hate that I’m so aware of it, because what other people do in their own private text documents has absolutely no impact on what goes on in mine, I just get the creeping feeling that being ten thousand words ahead of schedule is the expected norm.   I have an astonishing ability to create stress out of nothing.  I’m going to go make a calming piece of owl shaped french toast.

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