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Yeah, quiet week on this blog. Sorry about that! I’ve had two trips to IKEA (for shelves! to put books on!) and produced about 14 000 words in my NaNoWriMo document – which is a clumsy cyberpunky tale, this year – and, oh, I watched Interstellar, which was really shiny.  (I also finished all seven seasons of TNG:Voyager, about which I have opinions, but I’ll keep them to myself.)

Oh, and I’m doing this free test month subscription to Scribd.  Tentatively, because I don’t really like to read on glowing screens, BUT I’m, um, expecting to become the kind of individual who owns a phablet sometime in the next couple of weeks.  That’s mainly because I do illustration things and I like to always have some kind of drawing tool with me, but, well, with a screen that big with that kind of resolution, I probably will have a go at reading a book on it.  While I wait, in tears, for the kindle voyage to become available for international orders.

am a gadget nut. I guess.  It’d be a little weird if I wasn’t and still had a thing for robots.  The robot designs are by the way the coolest things in Interstellar.   Now you know!   And that was a massive digression. I was going to talk about what a huge selection of e-books and audiobooks Scribd has, and offers decently cheap access to.  I’ve added a whole bunch of titles to my library on there, from old growing-up favourites like S.E. Hinton’s Runble Fish to more recent, interesting-looking things, by authors like Chuck Wendig and Wesley Chu.   A pile of non-fiction is on there, too.   For a happy booksy experience they’ve even put together little themed collections, so you get a tidy lump of suggestions if you’re looking for “Epic fantasy series-starters” or “Colonizing space” and whatnot.    I like it.  I hope an app-running device with e-ink will make an appearance some day to make this kind of thing even more appealing.   Because, well, despite the gadgetry, I just don’t see myself abandoning my kindle for it.  (Maybe the audible membership, eventually.)

Do you read on regular glowy tablets and/or phones?  Doesn’t it hurt your eyes? Is that just a complaint made by old near-sighted farts?

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  1. It’s funny you mention that, because I just got a refurbished Kindle Fire HDX to replace my old Fire HD (both basically tablets)- the great thing is you have an options with the brightness and screen type. I read primarily white text on the black background or the newly available dark green text on a light green background, because the regular black text on white background hurts my eyes. I also always have the screen brightness on the lowest setting.
    I’ve also been a gamer forever and am used to bright screens glaring at my eyes, but I don’t think most people have trouble with the Fire tablets, from what I’ve heard.
    Good luck with your NaNoWriMo!
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. Thanks!

      You make a good point – I spend a lot of hours staring at gaming screens myself, and my eyes aren’t bleeding yet. :p

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