Hoarding: Cyber Monday

I finished NaNoWriMo! I’m not sure I’ll have the guts to even look at that text document ever again, but hey.  It had a couple of nice rewards this year, like three free months of premium Evernote,  and a discount on the “word gym” 4thewords, which might actually help me to do this stuff more consistently than one frantic month every year.  “Do this stuff” as in “writing”, of course.

Then there were sales! We don’t have a thanksgiving holiday where I am, but we have adopted “Black Friday” as a tag to put on a sale that would probably happen anyway.  I spoiled myself with a pair of heavily discounted new Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones. The ones that actually block out noise and “create” silence. I got a pair of an older model for christmas last year, and have loved them to bits – seriously, they’ve been in use every single day. And they’re not broken or anything, I just blah blah reasons.   They’ll be here in a couple of days, I’ll probably celebrate with increased audiobooking for a while.

Also cyber monday! Which is when the books are usually fluttering about at silly prices.   I got a modest haul –  partly because I have already paid attention to amazons kindle deals for a few years now, so I’ve actually already picked up a lot of the relevant books they tend to put into the sales, like all the Octavia Butler and Robert McCammon and Kurt Vonnegut and whatnot.   This year, I got these:

James Tiptree Jr., “Brightness falls from the air”

Ian McDonald, “Out on blue six”

Ian McDonald, “Broken land”

Aaand I got Mary Doria Russell’s “The Sparrow” on Audible.

I feel okay about my wanton consumerism here, all of these books were on my wishlist already.

By the way?  The other day, I wandered into a used book store, which I don’t do a lot anymore, for a plethora of reasons.  The main reason is they’re so crowded and over-full it’s just too hard to browse the books in a satisfying manner.  Also, e-books.   I mainly went in there looking for some old childhood book memory treasures.  Failing that, I alway feel guilty about leaving that kind of store without buying,  so I tried to find something interesting and unknown.   I chose Mappa Mundi by Justina Robson,  came home and showed it to CompanionBot, who pointed to the book shelf behind him and said, of course,  “It’s there already, we have that one.”

Yeah, well.  I have been meaning to go donate a bunch of books to the charity shop anyway…

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  1. I hope you enjoy The Sparrow. It is one of my *all time* favorites. I will caution you that you probably will *need* to grab the sequel as soon as you finish The Sparrow. I was reading the last few pages The Sparrow one morning while I was waiting for a meeting to start. I ran out at lunch and bought Children of God because I just *couldn’t* wait until after work to go to the book store!

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