It’s the end of 2014 Read-a-thon

Read-a-thon hosted by BookingAwesome
Read-a-thon hosted by BookingAwesome

It’s the end of 2014 read-a-thon runs from December 20th to the 31st.   I’ll be spending the holidays with family for most of those days, but that usually does give me a lot of good reading time – possibly except the one day I will be travelling for hours by car, because I am not built to cope with reading in cars.  I have developed a preference for fantasy for the season – probably because of the lingering sense memory of getting up early every morning during the school vacation to watch the old BBC-produced Narnia series. Or just because fantasy settings often feel cozier than science fiction ones, even if the fantasy is pretty grim. (One year I spent the holidays with Abercrombie’s The first law-trilogy.)

That goal of reading at least 2000 pages? Doable.   Re-read a 2014 favourite? Not sure about that one.  My own, personal goal? Hm – reduce the number of pages of titles stored on my kindle by 1, at least.  (8 titles fit on one page, and I have… 20 pages. Of unreads. 160 unread books just on there.  Minus a handful of monthly subscription magazines, I guess.)

I probably want to read Robin Hobb, or Patrick Rothfuss, or Diana Wynne Jones, or all of them. Maybe get around to Gone girl, too.

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