The Book Riot 2015 Read Harder Challenge

Not quite done talking about the coming year’s reading challenges, no! I could be typing up reviews of some recent reads, but I’m in post cheesecake exhaustion mode. They’ll come. Sooner or later.  I want to say something about doing Bookriot’s Read Harder challenge, instead.  Mainly that I’m doing it.


Most of the tasks aren’t going to be problematic for me, except… the poetry collection? I’ll need to figure out something. The “guilty pleasure” is also tricksy, really, but maybe I’ll just pick up a novelization of something Star Trek or Warcraft. I won’t feel terribly guilty, but it’ll do.  A “self improvement” book can be interpreted very liberally, but I am intrigued by one I have wishlisted because of the title How to stubbornly refuse to make yourself miserable about anything – Yes, anything! Well, you can see why. It’s likely I’ll pick a book about some skill to improve upon instead, though.

It’s just a couple of days left of 2014. It’s weird. Time is weird. Everything is. Except peanut butter fudge. Peanut butter fudge is yummy.  Do you do party things for new year’s eve, or do you, like me, hide indoors like a neurotic cat? Hiss, fireworks.

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