Make #timetoread: National Readathon Day


You’ve noticed it’s National Readathon Day, right? Right here it’s… nearly one in the morning, so that makes it today, but, anyway, Saturday. Right.  From noon to 4pm.  This has the advantage of being a readathon I will actually be able to devote attention to, unless my right eye is not just making idle threats about a migraine. Anyway.   I have minty tea, chocolate covered almonds, and… wait, is this a grumpy unicorn or a dancing hippo pajamas kind of day?  How will I ever choose?

I made one choice already, as I pledged to devote these hours to Three parts dead by Max Gladstone.  It’s a part of my monthly challenges, and I’ve owned it for a good time now, so that’s why.  I’m repeating this to myself often and loudly to drown out the sound of other overdue-for-reviews-guilt.    What will you be reading?

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