The Donor, by Nikki Rae

The Donor Book Cover The Donor
Nikki Rae
October 30 2014

The Donor was a strange and pleasant surprise.   (One of the surprises is nicely spoiled simply by looking at the shelving on GoodReads, actually - I don't mind much, but I'm not very bothered by spoilers anyway.)

Ah. It's really hard to say much about this without giving away any of the things the story uncovers quietly, one thing at a time.  We meet a young woman, 18,  working a job instead of going to college as planned, putting all of her income into her father's medical bills.  Casey and her parents don't have much to spend. She dismisses her own headaches and nosebleeds; Getting it checked out would cost money she doesn't have.

She makes a match at a website; one that isn't like okcupid and the others, according to her work friend, "Most of these guys are loaded."

Casey travels from California to Boston to meet her match.  It seems like the only reasonable choice now, given her situation. At least there's money to be made.

This is the basic setup, and it implies a certain set of events, so clearly that of course the reader knows those expectations are not going to be met.   I could predict much of it, but that didn't detract from the reading - Casey's narration is quiet, poignant,  moving forward with heavy inevitability.

I enjoyed the read rather more than I expected to. Might recommend to others looking for a mini-tearjerker of the paranormal variety.   It is, however, all about interactions between a small cast of characters, so stay clear if you're looking for worldbuilding or thicker plotlines.

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