Three moments of flailing anticipation

I won’t begin to describe how I feel about the announcement of a new China Miéville book. Finally. I’ve been waiting ever since I tore through the last one.  I just saw Tor’s post with the cover reveal, and because this is now pinned to my nerdy heart, I just felt like I needed to stick the cover onto this blog, too.  Here. Here it is. Stare at it.


SEE.  It exists. It is going to exist in August, at least.  This cover design is the same type as on the paperbacks I bought, and got signed, blushing furiously,  at a strangely tiny con a couple of years back. Really. I have no idea how they get these divine authors to show up. But I’ve been within arm’s reach of this one, flailed helplessly and flung fanart at him, and listened to a beautifully eloquent talk about the uncanny and… other kinds of canny.  The man can talk.  Look his talking up on youtube.  PS: It is after midnight here and I’m the tiniest bit hyper-tired.

(Regarding that Tor link – I’m pretty exited about Uprooted, too. Novik has been on my TBR for ages and ages, but I hope I find the time for His Majesty’s Dragon, first.)

(And do you know what else was revealed today that is also awesome?  The trailer for the Expanse TV series!  And that I get to go to EasterCon to do my whole expert flailing fangirl act at Seanan McGuire!)

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