Top ten 2014 releases I didn’t read (yet!)

Time is insufficient. We know this. I cried a lot about it as I read all the best of 2014 book lists only to discover more, more, more to add to my need-crave-want-mountain of a TBR.

  1. City of stairs by Robert J. Bennett.  I’m reading this one RIGHT NOW, though. And it’s incredibly awesomespectacular, just like everyone said.
  2. The goblin emperor, by Katherine Addison. This looks like one I might want to save for when I need a happy pick-me-up.
  3. Bête, by Adam Roberts. I am, and have been since months before its release, wildly intrigued by this book’s premise. Domestic animals gain sentience, we still want to eat them?! It must be read.
  4. The mirror empire, by Kameron Hurley. Yes, yes. I have a crush on Kameron Hurley even before having read her fiction. I bought this one early. My wallet thinks I read faster than my eye muscles can really agree with.
  5. The girls at the Kingfisher club, by Genevieve Valentine. This is one I only really became aware of when reading those best of-lists in the past few weeks.  Roaring twenties / fairytale retelling? I want it injected into my fiction system immediately.
  6. The Peripheral, by William Gibson.  I… I may have ordered a signed hardback in a B&N bargain, though. It was delivered a mere week ago. So there’s that.
  7. The three, by Sarah Lotz. Horror-thriller “for fans of the Shining girls and Stephen King, Lost meets The Passage”? Oh my goodness, yes.  I keep forgetting how much I appreciate the horror bits of genre fiction.
  8. The fever, by Megan Abbott. Outbreak of illness, high school, family secrets, this one sounds a little like a The secret history with extra spicing.
  9. Being Mortal: Medicine and what matters in the end, by Atul Gawande. To me the line between science fiction and the most interesting non-fiction is pretty blurry; they’re both about astoundingly fascinating stuff.  Like medicine and its limitations.
  10. Afterparty, by Daryl Gregory.  Brain-altering drug and the collapse of civilization.

There are more. Many, many more.  These were pretty much just right off the top of my head (and the most recently added to my amz wishlist).  I got another exciting 2014 release for christmas (the Norwegian history of leprosy I’ve been all starry-eyed about for ages now),  and my order of the Locke & Key slipcase box set finally made it through, so soon I’ll get to read the last volume of that most-excellent graphic novel series, too.  (The book depository ran out of copies before expediting my first order, which led to many tears. Until they re-stocked and I tried again and I WON.)

And, yeah, I was a bit of a reckless spender over the holidays, so I’m trying to hold back a little in the coming 3-4 weeks, to re-balance my economy between the monthly paychecks.  I’m not sure it means I will at all be able to keep myself from getting Morte on release date, but I’ll feel guilty about it, at least…  as if that helps.

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