Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and tell, by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and tell Book Cover Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and tell
Veronica Mars
Rob Thomas, Jennifer Graham
Mystery, thriller
Jan 20 2015

If you're interested in this book, then it's probably safe to assume you already know who Veronica Mars is. You've watched the entirety of the show, you supported the kickstarter for the movie,  you read, of course, the previous book.  Veronica Mars is a private detective in a quirky noir kind of setting, with all the required noir-ish troubled history and relationships.  And I like her so much, maybe even more so now, in her adult ten-years-later incarnation, than in the TV high school years.  Which is a compliment, because she rocked my socks in that version, too.

I read Mr. Kiss and tell  in print, but I want to recommend that you get the audio - I did that for The thousand-dollar tan line, and Kristen Bell's narration really does add to the story.

The story? It's a case, of course, a mystery to be solved, a terrible crime to be unraveled, and obviously Veronica is the one doing all the unraveling. Still, the case functions mostly like a path through other events in Veronica's private life. Life in southern-californian Neptune is as we expect it to be: Will the sheriff remain corrupted, will Logan stay, whose expectations is Weevil going to act according to?  Is Veronica's dad doing okay?  And so on.

Nope. This isn't a good place in which to make your first entry into Neptune. You need to backtrack and devote a few hours to the TV show first.

To me, it feels just like having watched an episode of the show, which is all I wanted and expected from the book.  The mystery is not really terribly mysterious, mainly it provides a bit of gritty darkness and risky situations, but that's not what it's about; It's about enjoying Veronica's thought processes and spending time with the people she chooses to keep around her.   All of it with a bit of a sassy noir flare.

And it's a really quick, entertaining read, so don't pick it up when what you want is something chewy to sink your teeth into.  But you know that already, because you know Veronica Mars.  I don't have to tell you anything.  Except watch the show, if you haven't already, and you happen to be into the smart/witty/quirky kind of thing. With heinous crime sprinkled all over it.

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