Three parts dead, by Max Gladstone

Three parts dead Book Cover Three parts dead
Craft sequence #1
Max Gladstone
Tor Books
Oct 2nd 2012

My January reading choices turned out kinda deity-heavy - good, because it accomodates many interesting things, and this novel in particular takes the whole god-belief-ecosystem and puts it into an organized court of law. With necromancy. And lawyers who really aren't human beings anymore.

If those last few sentences weren't enough to tell you whether or not you'd be into this book, I don't understand you. But I can give you more reasons to start reading - for example, Tara, the protagonist, is female, non-white, and gets to have an entirely non-romantic plotline.  She's extremely competent, but not above a few less-than-stellar decisions.  There are gargoyles.  They're up to more than just hanging around grimacing on rooftops.

Tara didn't graduate with a lot of grace, but graduate she did.  And she may not have known how best to help her home village, but... she certainly tried.  All things considered, she's probably better off working for the firm Kelethres, Albrecht, and Ao.  Even if it means going up against an old acquaintance in court.

Three parts dead  is, you see, made out of several kinds of awesome. Including a city with character. Alt Coulumb and its scarred buildings paint a vivid picture - or as vivid as it can be under all that cloying fog, anyway. Again, a case of "I'm so glad this is a series and there are already a couple of more books out". (Sometimes it's smart to put off starting a series until it's had some time. Take that, pre-order-maniac brain!)

Note: When you look this book up on goodreads, you'll find it on both the "Contemporary fantasy for guys"-list and the "Speculative fiction that passes the Bechdel test"-list. That's cool. At least I think so.

The next book in the series is Two serpents rise, and I... will get to it. I'll probably try to be up to speed for when Last first snow comes out in July.


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