Discworld memory

…I also remember, very clearly, reading Night watch on the airplane, at night, returning to school from a two week trip to Spain.  I was exhausted and it was dark, but I kept my dinky seat light on and tore through that paperback.  Night watch is a special book to almost every Discworld reader I’ve ever known, but maybe that’s because I know mostly Vimes-people. (Discworld is a series with many books and many characters; Some will appeal more to the individual reader than others.  I think I belonged to Granny Weatherwax from the start, but then – then there was the city watch…)  Sam Vimes, at first a comic relief drunk cop, suddenly allowed to be real.  And, well, epic.  It blew me away back then, and on every re-read of the book since then.

I had a few years back there, in which chronic illness happened and I had a lot of what in technical terms is called shitty goddamn brainfog, and I couldn’t read. Not for real.  I think I read the first few pages of Hyperion a dozen times, trying so hard, and I’d just get a headache or fall asleep, completely unable to comprehend paragraphs.  It sucked.  But I could visit old friends,  so I re-read Harry Potter and – indeed- Discworld, a lot. Over and over again.  Sometimes I managed new material, usually YA stuff.   Still, most of my time, I was in Ankh-Morpork or in Lancre,  hanging out with Agnes Nitt and Greebo,  the librarian, lord Vetinari,  the auditors, oh, man, the auditors.

One might suggest I’d had enough, but, no. I have reclaimed my brain since then and am blissfully able to enjoy any book I want to read now, and I do.  And what I want to read is the entirety of Discworld, all over again.

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