The deaths of Tao, by Wesley Chu

The deaths of Tao Book Cover The deaths of Tao
Tao #2
Wesley Chu
Science fiction
Angry robot
October 29 2013

The deaths of Tao takes us back to Roen Tan, though some time has passed, which is made clear through his wife Jill and their son, Cameron.   Roen and Tao have been busy since the end of The lives of Tao - and their work has not been pleasant.  The Genjix with their Genesis project and Penetra scanners appear unstoppable, while the Prophus are losing ground every day.

Humans are in the middle of the battlefield, and most of them aren't even aware of it.  Yet.

Where the first book had a lot of setup and initial training of Roen Tan to deal with,  this sequel gets to run at full speed right away.  The story is so engaging that I still don't get bored with faces being punched and gunshots being fired.  (I put it that way because I want to reassure other readers who, like me, aren't usually drawn to books that look like pure fast-paced action; Give Tao the benefit of the doubt, there's so much charm and wit packed in here.)

Jill, now a Prophus agent in Washington, has separated from Roen Tan, who left his family and organization behind to follow what was considered to be insane conspiracy theories - until they turned out not to be.  Humans were already at risk on their own planet while the two Quasing factions struggled against each other, trying to drive human evolution and technological progress to the point where they would be able to return to their own planet.

Now, the Genjix seem to have lost interest in going home.


I have so much fun reading these books, I can barely wait to tear into The rebirths of Tao - especially after the way this one ended.  (The very title might seem like a bit of a spoiler, of course - but when we're talking about Quasing beings, it's all a guessing game until you get there.)


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