The rebirths of Tao, by Wesley Chu

The rebirths of Tao Book Cover The rebirths of Tao
Tao #3
Wesley Chu
Science fiction
Angry robot
April 7 2015

Cameron is a teenager fussed over by three parents.  His father, his mother, and the voice that used to speak inside his father's head.

As if being fifteen and associated with a grouping hunted by local - um, not to mention international - authorities wasn't already stressful enough.

It's been years now since the Great Betrayal. Humanity has become aware there are aliens in their midst, and most of them do not approve. It's hard to get any of them to value the difference between the Prophus and the Genjix factions, which puts the Prophus at a devastating disadvantage in having to work against everyone when trying to put a stop to the apocalypse the Genjix are planning.

The first time Cameron meets another teenaged host, like him, someone who understands him,  he's overwhelmed. She's beautiful and he's in love and - of course. She's Genjix.  Except she defected when they got caught by the prophus. Right?


Roen Tan is alive!  I'm sorry - it's in the description blurb, and evident in the first couple of pages, so that can't be a spoiler, can it? Even if it was the greatest question I had between the previous book and this one.  He's alive, and proving he does not depend on Quasing guidance in order to function as agent, protector, and an overall decent human being.  Despite those who'd call him a traitor to his entire species.

This trilogy of books has been a rising curve all the way - The lives of Tao made a spectacular entrance, The deaths of Tao was brimming with awesome alien action, and, now,  The rebirths of Tao provides epic climax and wrap-up without disappointment.

I mean.  I am disappointed.  But it's the "I want another 600 pages about this and this and this?!"-disappointment,  not the "Your story is lacking and insufficient"-disappointment. The latter does not exist anywhere near my experience of these books.  The former, though -  I just want the whole thing, you know. I want the folder full of notes detailing the entirety of the Quasing culture, their home planet, the other planets on which they've settled, how they operate in their natural hivemindedness, and so on.  I did feel like some of Tao's history lessons in this book were incomplete, or didn't go quite far enough, when he explains how the Prophus are deviants in much the same way as the humans who support their cause.

So, um, yeah, I'd love to see a follow-up book, or follow-up trilogy even, but I'm also very interested in seeing what Wesley Chu does next.  His next book, Time salvager,  is out in July, and I see the tagline "time travel adventure", so that's, oops, pre-ordered just now.

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