Readathon ending and birthday binging

Ha. As is the case with every single readathon I join, I feel like it hit a week in which I was completely out of the reading loop.  But I’ve read about a thousand pages, which is really not a poor score, if I were keeping score, which I’m obviously not, because… no one’s handing out points or punishments anyway? Silly thinkflaws.

One of the things I’ve read was the 50 page preview of Naomi Novik’s Uprooted that was posted on Scribd.  I loved it, and I’d say almost for certain I’d continue it immediately upon release in two days, but it shares release date with Stephenson’s Seveneves! I don’t know how I’m supposed to choose.  And I still have a few scheduled reads to get through this month.  Anyway, Uprooted was easily added to the pile of kindle birthday presents I’ve been getting for myself today. Because I’m old and stuff.    Here’s the full list of the books I deserve for the grand achievement of continuous existence for three decades:

  • Uprooted by Naomi Novik
  • Memory of water by Emmi Itäranta
  • Vermilion by Molly Tanzer

Those are it, so far. Clearly insufficient. I must add to it. Just having a weird moment of “No rush, I guess?”.   I have a Norwegian e-library book to read and I’m a few hundred pages into Naam’s Apex, which is great.  I would have liked to choose to spend my birthday going to the cinema for Mad Max, but this day happens to also be an inconvenient constitution kind of day, which means other entertainment venues are closed, and people like me stay at home and order Domino’s and watch netflix.  Or play animal crossing. Whatever.


Glancing at my amazon wish list…

Oh, dear. Nemesis games is out in just a couple of weeks? To the pre-order-mobile, then! I love the Expanse universe so much – I raved about it until my boyfriend got into it too, and now we’re both very anxiously anticipating the TV series.  It has a lot to live up to, I guess, because I compared the first book to, like, third season Babylon 5. Just awesome space opera pathos with clear characters and strong character interactions – I know a lot of people might think Firefly a better comparison.  Amos is one of my favourite characters ever. I’ve been a bit ARC-fatigued lately and I really can’t think of anything more refreshing right now than another installment of this series.  So there.  Ordered!

It’s past midnight, too! Happy not-birthday, me!

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