Stacking the shelves – Buried giants and apocalyptic anthologies

Oh, man, my eyes hurt. Maybe the whole sinus-jaw-mess of things. I’m not even looking at the screen right now, just squinting and waiting for the hot shower and caffeine and everything to do their jobs and grant me access to my face.

It’s springtime, I guess!

And I’m doing my first stacking the shelves-post, because… because I like reading them when other people cause them to pop up in my bloglovin feed.

Um, yeah.   Kindle purchases this week:

  • Kazuo Ishiguro’s The buried giant
  • J.J. Adams (editor) The end is nigh
  • David Wellington’s Positive
  • Monica Byrne’s The girl in the road
  • V.E. Schwab’s A darker shade of magic
  • Nancy Kress’ After the fall, before the fall, during the fall
  • J.J. Adams (editor) Wastelands: Stories of the apocalypse
  • Flannery O’Connor’s The complete stories
  • M. John Harrison’s Viriconium
  • Dave Hutchinson’s Europe in autumn

And  I got Peter Newman’s The Vagrant as an audiobook, too.

In my defense for this week – my boyfriend did a little shopping spree. We share living space and libraries and have 98% overlap in reading preferences, so it really does count as stacking my shelves. He also got the kindle edition of The girl with all the gifts, because he doesn’t do audio, which was the format I already had it in. (And it happens to be one of my favourite audio recordings, too. Excellent narrator!)

Almost forgot – I pre-ordered Seveneves this week too.  I’m so impatient for this book, it’s ridiculous…!

(I just deleted a chunky paragraph where I ranted about cost of digital English-language books vs, uh, non-digital non-English books.  And it’s just blah.  It’s hard to stop instinctively going defensive about frivolous purchases, actually. But there’s nothing to defend, so I’m exercising some messy self-cognitive-therapy-blablahAHAMWAHA BOOKS I SHALL HAVE MORE BOOKS.)

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