Ugh.  I’m currently reading a book – a sequel to one I loved – in which a main character is, to be blunt, a bit of a naive bumpkin who is arriving in a larger, much more populated and sophisticated place, and, of course, everyone can spot her lack of streetsmarts from a mile off.

It’s awful. Not just for her – she doesn’t understand yet what’s going on or what’s being done to her –  but for me, too.  This is probably my biggest non-genre-specific reading turn-off;  I hate having to follow a character through lengthy, painful descriptions of events in which I know exactly what’s going to happen, even if the character doesn’t.  I know, it doesn’t mean the writing is bad, but I just can’t tolerate it.   My cringe-reflexes are too strong!

Sooo that’s problematic.   I have to suffer through this, which already feels like it’s been going on for hours (I’m doing the audio copy of this book),  before the plot can move on, and presumably grow into the greatness of the previous book in the series.

But, oh my gosh.  This is just 100% unpleasant.

(I’m like this with all kinds of storytelling, though, TV/film included. I cannot watch those “comedies” where the comedy is based on just… prolonged, painful awkwardness or stupidity. Shudder…!)

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