When I know my ratings are skewed

…These past few weeks, I’ve been making some goodreads ratings I don’t feel very confident about. It’s that fan loyalty thing, right? It’s a fact of life, and I don’t really want to overthink it or make it a huge problem or anything, because that’ll just make it too hard to state an opinion on anything. Anything.

But I just read this not very starry-eyed Armada review,  and I found I agreed with… all of it.   I gave it 4 (out of 5) stars on GR.  That seems contrary, doesn’t it?  Kinda?  But Armada had a lot of single elements I loved.  They made almost enough glitter and sparkles to cover up the really very shaky bones of the book.

I said in my short-review that it read like a high school geek’s daydream, which describes both the good and the bad, really.   The good: It IS wish fulfillment, and I’m a match for a lot of it, because I’m a person from the relevant decade who’s loved Ender’s game and watched a lot of Star Trek.  And whatnot.  The bad: It’s… it’s just.  I think “wish fulfillment” is the best summary.

This isn’t meant to be a review of the book at all.  It’s just the clearest example of a case where I rated higher because it was written by an author who previously wrote a book I genuinely adored – and if it had been a different name, something unknown to me or that I was entirely impartial to,  I would almost certainly have rated it two stars lower.

I’m not going to go back and change it, though.  (I might, later on. But I have to stop actively thinking about it before I can know exactly how much I liked it – if that makes sense…)

There’s been other examples of this recently,  but I don’t need to discuss every one of them.  One of the mis-ratings I have in mind is a case where I rated too low instead of too high,  but usually, yes, I’m the kind of reader who’ll be charitable in the immediate post-read,  and then sometimes be haunted by the book’s problems afterwards.

I don’t have the energy to make it a problem I have to fix; I just wanted to identify it and state that yes, I know, I do that thing.

Also, the I, fat robot blog has had its one-year anniversary and I didn’t even remember it. Belated cheers!

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