Bookburners episode 1: Badge, book and candle, by Max Gladstone, Mur Lafferty, and more

Bookburners episode 1: Badge, book and candle Book Cover Bookburners episode 1: Badge, book and candle
Bookburners #1
Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Mur Lafferty, Brian Francis Slattery
Sep 16 2015
e-book, serial

Bookburners is to be a 16-part serial,  where each "episode" is meant to be a 40-50 minute read, similar to the average length of tv series episodes.   I've read the first episode, Badge, book and candle.

Sal Brooks is a cop who's had a bad day, grim images stuck in her mind, really not in the mood for a surprise visit from her little brother, who isn't even making sense. He's all kinds of cryptic,  and in some kind of trouble, and being followed by his trouble, as Sal soon finds out.

The bookburners are after him.  But who are they?  What did Sal's brother do to stir them?  Why hasn't Sal heard of them before?

...I can say this much: Having read this first part, I'm going to follow the serial to the end.  I get vibes of tv shows like Leverage,  and there's a whiff of Max Barry's excellent novel Lexicon,  though it's vague enough that I can't really explain how I make the association. (Well, "action and important books" is a sufficient link, I guess.)

The writing team features, among others, Max Gladstone and  Mur Lafferty, and I certainly trust those two to provide a good urban fantasy adventure.

Bonus points for being a serial I can actually follow as it goes along! (Being a non-US person means being barred from this kind of thing, more often than not.  I never had access to Scalzi or McGuire's stuff while it was being serial-published, for example. However, I might still have to wait for a collected edition, because geography also adds a little fee to the whole bringing-thing-to-kindle procedure. It is little, but little x 16 is not so little anymore.)

In any case - yes, recommended! Magic! Fun!


(I do apologise for how late I was in making this post - there are things to blame, such as idiot computer, but blah blah whatever. See you for the upcoming read-a-thon!)


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