It’s quiet here lately – sort of dusty, even – and I’m late with several review posts. Sorry about that.  I’ve been hibernating. Possibly, I still am.   I just saw the first part of SyFy’s Childhood’s End,  did you? I read the book a few years ago and was mostly just grateful it was less horrendously boring than Rendezvous with Rama.  Anyway.

Childhood’s end is a perfect daydream. It begins with the not-so-optimistic idea that humankind is stupid and aggressive and too entangled in their own history of petulant shit to ever be able to fix itself.  But then somebody else comes along and fixes it for us.

I mean, just taste that idea.  I find it pretty soothing even inbetween all the scenes in which I wonder why they had to cast O’Brien in the thing. (As a character who remarkably resembles, exactly, O’Brien when the ST:TNG/DS9 writers decided continuity did not exist and they needed a dumb guy to be pig-headed about something or other. )

Uh, well.  It’s kinda yuletidey these days? Everything I eat smells like gingerbread.  It’s lovely.

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