The days of Tao, by Wesley Chu

The days of Tao Book Cover The days of Tao
Tao #3
Wesley Chu
Science fiction
Subterranean press
April 30 2016

Oh! Look, it's a new novella, The days of Taotaking us back to visit Cameron and Tao! It's been quite some time since the events of The rebirths of Tao, and Cameron is now 21 years old... though, not at all done being somewhat puberty-addled and awkward.  Relations between the Prophus, Genjix and humanity are tense. Worse, Cameron got a D in art history.

So he's in Greece.  Greece suddenly becomes a bad place to be.  Once things begin to happen, there's not even time for the good gyros with the cute girl in Cameron's study abroad class.

He was never supposed to be doing Prophus work while simultaneously repairing his grades, and then he wasn't supposed to be such a bleeding heart, and, oh, is someone going to remind him what happens when he trusts people too easily?  Oh, Cameron.

The novella is fast-paced and full of zippy action, and I tore through it in a short afternon.  So yeah, it's a fun ride, even to a reader who really would prefer, by far, more about the Quasing themselves and perhaps less of the human interpersonal drama. That's just me, though - you give me a universe with symbiotic aliens in it, I want to know about them.  But just because your favourite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, it doesn't mean you'll turn down a scoop of the caramel.

Maybe I found the ending a little lacking, but at least there's Roen and junk food.

(And as a fan of the original trilogy's book covers, I'm a little sad about how this one looks, even if it is pretty!)

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