ReMade episode 2 season 1: Hungry

ReMade episode 2 season 1: Hungry Book Cover ReMade episode 2 season 1: Hungry
ReMade #1.2
Andrea Phillips
Science fiction, YA
September 21 2016

Ooh, episode 2 is out!  Are you reading ReMade yet? 

In this episode we get to know May, as described in the blurb:

May likes being in control: with an obsessive drive to succeed and her aim set on Harvard, she knows how to keep her life on course. Plucked from her whirlwind of tests and achievement charts, and dropped into a world where civilization itself has crumbled, she wants more than just answers. But living with deadly allergies means you’re always on the razor edge – one peanut, one bee sting, one toe out of line could be your downfall, and nobody wants to die twice.

I imagine May is going to get some mixed responses from readers - me, I like her a lot. She's serious and high-strung and extreme, and probably fits adjectives like snooty and superior aswell, but that just makes her better, I think. 

And look, May's terribly allergic to a whole bunch of things. Isn't it strange how allergies don't show up more often in fiction? The first examples off the top of my head are kind of far-out space colonization stories in which humans turn out to suffer anaphylactic shocks in response to anything alien, which is an interesting kind of story, but isn't it terrifying enough for a character to have to guard against sudden death from everyday food items?  Or worse, food ingredients.  I don't have very difficult allergies myself, but I've known people with nut allergies, and it sounds so tiresome to check (and mostly reject) every single bread, cake, protein bar, falafel mix, et cetera forever. Just in case it's going to kill them. Yikes.

May's allergies serve a specific purpose to the story unfolding, too. There aren't any labels on the foods the teenagers forage from their surroundings.  If she eats a thing, she's likely to die, and if she doesn't die, that's a whole new set of worrying questions right there.

Give me episode 3!

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