ReMade episode 3 season 1: Home, perilous home

ReMade episode 3 season 1: Home, perilous home Book Cover ReMade episode 3 season 1: Home, perilous home
ReMade #1.3
Carrie Harris
Science fiction, YA
September 28 2016

New week, new ReMade episode!

So - this time we get some suspicions confirmed, right off the bat,  simply by looking at Nevaeh's memories of her life before this odd jumpsuit-clad camping began.  She was not a determined and fierce go-getter, like May. She wasn't planning her college application extracurricular activities like May, or headlessly crushing on anyone, like Holden.  Nope.  What Nevaeh was doing was surviving.  For as long as she could.

She isn't socialized the way the other teenagers are, and it shows. What also shows is that Nevaeh is intelligent and resourceful and, above all, very kind. Maybe just exceedingly well trained by too many classes in mindfulness and meditation, but, well, it ends up looking like kindness. 

I know I said May was going to be my favourite, but Nevaeh has this intense quiet-on-the-surface thing going on, the sort of thing that reminds you oceans also occasionally feature tsunamis. 

Here's the episode blurb:

Waking up in a strange and scary new world isn’t necessarily the worst thing, especially when you are grateful to wake up at all. When Nevaeh opened her eyes to find no hospital bed, IV drips, or cancer riddling her body she counted her blessings and sang for joy – happy to face the deadly jungle, killer robots, and (if she’s honest, perhaps the most disheartening) disgruntled companions. They say smiling is the best medicine, but does it still work after death?

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