Remade episode 13 season 1: Memories of Arcadia

Memories of Arcadia Book Cover Memories of Arcadia
ReMade #1.13
Andrea Phillips
YA, Science fiction
November 7 2016

Arcadia knows what it means to be lonely; she’s had no visitors for an awfully long time. So when a group of haggard teens tumble unto her streets, she welcomes then with open arms and plays host the best she can remember. Of course, they have no idea she’s there watching, listening, helping. But she doesn’t mind – after all, hers is half lost anyway.

So this episode has a brand new point of view - that of the mystery city, whose name turns out to be Arcadia. We get to see how carefully it chose that name, a very long time ago, and how its circumstances have changed, over a terribly long span of time.  Of course, we're not told the whole story. There are two episodes left, after all...

But, um, a city run by a master AI? Squee! Remade already had awesome robots, but... AI! I'm so pleased by this.

Through Arcadia's eyes, we also get to see the teenagers as they settle in, and, of course, argue about whether or not they should settle in, or just keep moving. There's no way to know if danger is following them, or if help might be waiting somewhere else, or if the entire planet is as empty as the city is. 

That doesn't mean life grinds to a stop.  Not for Gabe and May,  and not for Hyrum, who is painfully aware that it would be Christmas now, if things were as they should have been.  (And who else is awfully curious about Hyrum and how he died before being remade?)  There's Cole, still keeping secrets, and there's chocolate chip cookies.

This is the first time we get to view the group at a bit of a distance, which feels... ominous, perhaps. Or it just feels like the climax-buildup it clearly is, according to the episode schedule. (Like I said, two episodes left!)  I really hope for a massive infodump to come, though... I should probably start preparing for the possibility of having to wait for the next season to get all the answers.  Not that I know if there'll be a next season, but it seems like a reasonable assumption!

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