Robot’s Review Policy


Are you an author, publisher, publicist, or some related entity who’d like to pitch me books, book reveals, giveaways, or similar book blog events?  If so, here’s my basic information:

Book preferences:

Reader group: Children’s, Young/New Adult, Adult – any age group

Genres:  Science fiction, Fantasy, Graphic novels, Non-fiction (medicine, psychology, science, history)

Author and format preferences:

Format: I prefer e-books (kindle format, if possible) – print or audio is also acceptable  (For print, know that my address is not in the US)

Authors:  Self-published is acceptable (so long as your book matches my other preferences)

How Fat Robot reviews stuff:

I use a 1-5 rating scale where 5 is highest.    I try to put books into a wider genre context, comparing and contrasting with other authors and titles in the relevant genre/sub-genre.  My text will usually aim for an audience similar to myself:  Speculative fiction devotees who are more than likely to participate in other aspects of geek culture with matching t-shirts and hand signs.


Outside of the I, Fat Robot blog,  I post book stuff on Goodreads and Twitter.  I may also do amazon/audible reviews, or post to tumblr and instagram.

Other details:

  • I don’t read erotica or explicit romance
  • I won’t spend my time on something that needs a proof-reader more than it needs an actual reader
  • If, by any chance, you happen to be looking for a Scandinavian genre reader/reviewer: Yes, hello, I read Norwegian/Danish/Swedish.

Please use the contact form below.

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